Faculty Justice Portal

Grievance vs. Appeal

Grievance & Mediation CommitteeHearing Committee
Grievances involving:

• academic freedom
• merit
• teaching load
• discipline
• other administrative actions
Appeals to:

• faculty termination
• non-reappointment 

(involving faculty allegation of violation of academic freedom or discrimination)
See the full policy texts below for details and context.
  • within 180 calendar days
  • file a written grievance
    • Grievance & Mediation Committee
    •  the person against whom the grievance is filed (“Respondent”)
    • a detailed description of the grievance
    • the facts supporting the grievance; and, pertinent documentation
    • Grievant has the burden of proof
    • result is a report to the Dean who may accept, modify or reject it
  • file an appeal
    • Hearing Committee
    • result is either a recommendation to the Provost or the case is dismissed
    • Hearing Committee Grievant can appeal to the Provost within 15 calendar days of the date of the Dean’s or designee’s decision

full policy texts: